OpenDocument Document

An OpenDocument document shall meet the following requirements:
A)If the document is an OpenDocument package, then :
A.1)it shall be a conforming OpenDocument package, and 
A.2)the package shall contain at least one of the following files: content.xml and styles.xml. It may contain additional files, including files named settings.xml and meta.xml.
B)If the document is an OpenDocument package, then the following requirements shall be met for its contained files named content.xml, styles.xml, settings.xml and meta.xml, if present: 
B.1)The files shall be well formed XML documents with respect to the XML 1.0 [XML1.0] specification:
(prolog must contain : )
B.2)The XML root elements of the files shall be  
B.2.1)<office:document-content> for files named content.xml, 
B.2.2)<office:document-styles> for files named styles.xml, 
B.2.3)<office:document-meta> for files named meta.xml, 
B.2.4)<office:document-settings> for files named settings.xml. 
B.3)If the XML root element of a file is <office:document-content>, <office:document-styles>, <office:document-meta> or <office:document-settings>, then the XML file shall be valid with respect to the schema defined in
C)The files contained in a package listed in B) meet the following requirements: 
C.1)They shall be namespace-well-formed with regard to the XML Namespaces specification [xml-names]. 
C.2)They shall conform to the xml-id specification [XML-ID]. 
C.3)If a style:condition, table:condition, table:expression, table:formula or text:formula attribute value begins with a namespace prefix bound to namespace "urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:of:1.2," the syntax and semantics of the attribute value portions that are expressions determined by the prefix shall conform to part 2 of this specification. If a namespace prefix is omitted at the beginning of the attribute value, the attribute value portions that are expressions determined by a prefix shall conform as if there were a prefix bound to namespace "urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:of:1.2". 
D)It shall conform to one of: OpenDocument Text Document, OpenDocument Spreadsheet Document, OpenDocument Drawing Document, OpenDocument Presentation Document, OpenDocument Chart Document, OpenDocument Image Document, OpenDocument Formula Document, OpenDocument Database Front End Document.

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