RDF metadata

Metadata is general information about a document or its content :
Open Document supports 5 types of metadata :
1)RDF metadata describing documents or the content of identifiable OpenDocument elements.
2)Text content being used as RDF metadata.
3)Pre-defined metadata (meta.xml)
4)User-defined metadata (using the <meta:user-defined> element)
5)Custom metadata (custom xml elemets within meta.xml)

3) & 4) are both stored in the metadata <office:meta> element. The elements representing this metadata maybe omitted or occur multiple times. The updating of multiple instances of the same metadata elements is implentation-dependent.

Non RDF metadata:(3), (4) et (5)

Non RDF metadata in OpenDocument is composed or pre-defined metadata elements, user-defined metadata element, and custom metadata elements.

(3) : predefined metadata should be processed by consumers and updated by producers. Predefined metadata elements borrow heavily upon the metadata standards developped by the Dublin Core Metadata initiative. Metadata elements drawn directly from Dublin Core are in the

(4) User-defined metadata specifies a triplet of name, type and value. Consumers can present these values to the user.

(5) Custom meta data elements shall only occur in OpenDocument extended documents. The use of custom metadata is deprecated in favor of RDF/xml based metadata.

RDF metadata : (1) et (2)

(1): RDFa metadata (expliqué dans la page RDFa Metadata)
(2): Manifest.rdf (expliqué dans la page manifest.rdf)

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